Il Bussetto Coin Pouch Tacco, Ocean

Il Bussetto

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Coin Pouch Tacco 皮革硬幣盒使用植鞣的 Cuoio 皮革,以手工製作,並手繪上天然色彩顏料。Tacco 採用意大利傳統技法製作,獨特之處在於它沒有任何接口和縫線,像木盒般堅硬立體非常適合存放硬幣和小型飾物。開口為折疊蓋。

*所有 Il Bussetto 產品均全人手上色,產品實際顏色與相片有少許偏差屬正常情況。

材質:100% 牛皮
尺寸 (in cm):

直徑 6.7 cm
2.2 cm


Tacco is the iconic leather coin pouch handmade on wooden form, perfect to keep coins and small precious accessories. What makes this item unique is that Tacco has no seams and no visible construction lines. Handcrafted using vegetable tanned “Cuoio” leather and hand painted with natural colours. Folding lid.

Material:100% Cow Leather (Bovine Leather)
Origin of Design: Italy
Origin of Production: Thailand
Measurement (in cm):

Diameter 6.7 cm
Depth 2.2 cm